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Exofit™ Nex HarnessesItem is usually in stock, but we'll be in touch if there's a problem
by 3M

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Fall Arrest Harnesses
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Built-in carrying pocket conveniently protects a cell phone, camera, or other items
Certified to CSA standard Z259.10-06;
Comfortable design dons without tangling
Duo-Lok ™ quick-connect buckles provide one-handed operation for fast, easy donning
i-Safe ™ enabled providing the ability to track inspections, control inventory and manage information
Integrated trauma straps help minimize suspension trauma post fall
Lightweight, moisture wicking, breathable hybrid comfort padding won't move or slip
Molded lanyard keepers prevent dangerous entanglements and snap free when snagged
Reflective piping enhances visibility in low-light conditions
Revolver ™ vertical torso adjusters eliminate loose ends and lock into place, preventing slippage
Shoulder caps provide protection and comfort when carrying heavy materials
Soft edging moves with you, preventing uncomfortable rubbing or chafing and enhancing comfort and mobility
Soft, lightweight, water repellent webbing reduces attraction of mold and dirt and has up to 5 times more abrasion resistance
Spring-loaded stand-up dorsal D-ring with impact indicator
Tech-Lite ™ aluminum D-Rings offer a higher level of security and comfort
The newest, most advanced harnesses in the industry
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